05 February, 2006

And they call this "Policing"

The police say they are studying photographs of those who attended and that arrests, if necessary, will be made at the "most appropriate time" from the BBC

"Most appropriate time" could be translated as meaning "never", or, "we'll pick them up... after they've blown themselves into a hundred pieces on the underground."

I'm more angered by the reaction of the police and some politicians more than by the protesters and their vile placards.

What message are we sending out with this picture? Numerous placards covered with messages that are inciting murder, and praising terrorists, and the police simply walking alongside as if they are accompanying a protest by a handful of blue-haired old ladies from the local womens institute. Obviously they have been ordered to do anything in their powers NOT to arrest anybody. We wouldn't want to cause a very public scene, now would we?

from the Times
"People who tried to snatch away what they regarded as offending placards were held back by police. "

"what they regarded..."

I would have thought all law-abiding people would regard the placards inciting murder as being offensive.

What kind of sick age are we living in that the police are not doing their job, and then prevent members of the public from doing what they should be doing themselves?

The police should have arrested those who were commiting crimes whether it increased the risk of there being a full scale riot or not. The long term consequences of this kind of ultra-liberal policing will be far more negative than the odd potential violent confrontation. Would they have arrested a far right group with placards calling for the murder of muslims? Or would they hold back for the "most appropriate time" again? The most appropriate time to arrest a criminal is when a crime is taking place i would have thought. We are losing more than is gained with our softly softly approach to extremists. We must be a laughing stock in the eyes of extremists in this country and beyond.

Why doesn't that idiot Ian Blair go the whole way and give each copper a little white flag to stick into the top of their helmets.

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